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Soooo, it wasn’t the best idea to start a new blog and then not update it in two months. All I can say is that I’ve been super busy with my life, and haven’t really had time for reenactment stuff. I’m also going through some kind of lack of inspiration. I’ve been doing reenactment for eight years, and at the moment I feel like I’m at dead-end with this hobby. Sometimes it feels as if this hobby takes more than it gives back and leaves you with a bad conscience and a bad spirit.

Different handcrafts should be relaxing and at best even empowering during bad times, but lately I’ve felt those have become a burden. I’m going trough a very hectic period in my life, with studies and work, and I just don’t have time for every nice event and every new piece of clothing. Actually I don’t even have time for my regular chores. Reenactment-wise it doesn’t help that I move in a span of 500 years and occasionally would like to visit some other eras too. I feel like I’m bouncing from one thing to another, unable to concentrate on anything.

However, I’m currently attending an iron age weaving course at the local adult education centre. We are going to make a pair of winingas after a findings from the Kirkkomäki burials in Turku, and some of us are also going to weave an apron after the same findings. It’s a short course, so we don’t have time to really get into details on weaving, but it’s a nice start, and it’s going to be really refreshing to do something from almost a scratch (my weft is self-spinned).

It actually feels nice to think about the future project. I’ll probably have time for the weaving only at the end of this year, so this is going to take almost the whole autumn, but that’s o-kay. One can’t demand too much from herself.

One of my contacts in LiveJournal used a term slow reenactment.  It’s like slow food. Good, healthy, high quality and non artificial. No aiming for high standards, but to have it here and now. I think the concept is brilliant. No need to rush, but when you do something, you do it right. I don’t think that  you need to tan your own leather for your shoes or weave your own fabrics in order to be a good reenactor.  But I do think that with this hobby, quality does matter. You can use months to embroider a pouch, like Elina did, and when it’s finally ready, it truly is wonderful and you can use it for years.

Maybe at some point I’ll get my mojo back. Until then, the sporadic updates will continue.


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I had drafted a post earlier this week where I told that I’m travelling to Åland next Monday to attend the Saltvik Viking Market and how I was panicking because our tent from Tentorium had not arrived and I had tons of sewing to do. Well, the post was never finished, our tent came two days ago and the boy still has nothing to wear except some old horrendous rags and unfinished clothes. In other words, these past couple of days have been a bit hectic.

We’re driving tomorrow after work to Turku, from where we’ll sail to Åland. After the trip there’s going to be some more thorough posts about the tent, sewing projects and of course the market.

I hope you all have a lovely week!

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